Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! TGIF! Weekend! YAY!

Hope everyone had a wonderful week and is ready to relax & enjoy the weekend. I thought it might be fun to do weekly “Friday Favorites” that may be running related (or maybe not!).

1. NuunI love this stuff so much. Probably for the wrong reasons. Because yeah-who doesn’t like to be hydrated? But in reality, I love this stuff cause it’s delicious and fizzy and not overly sweet. I hate sports drinks, so this is the BEST long run drink…ever. I found myself trying to make up reasons why I really needed to drink some Nuun the other day, just because I wanted some fizzy pink-lemonade goodness in my mouth. I might take some pointers from Once Upon a Lime and make some nuun-garitas this weekend. YUM.


2. Wasabi-flavored everything: And by everything, I mean if I see something with “wasabi” in the name, I need it. My newest wasabi addictions: Trader Joes Wasabi Almonds & Trader Joes Wasabi Peas. Thanks Trader Joes for feeding into my addiction.

more peas please!!

3. Speedwork: I just started speedwork last week and I LOVE IT. I haven’t explored speedwork on the track yet (mainly because I’ve been too lazy to find a track), but I did do it on the dreadmill and I loved every second of it. The dreadmill wasn’t so dreadful after all! Yesterday I did 3 miles of speedwork and found myself wishing I could keep going at the end! I did a .5 mile warm up, and then did .25 sprint, .25 typical run pace until I hit 3 miles. I’m super excited to start trying out different speedwork drills and {hopefully} become more of a runner rather than the “jogger” I currently consider myself! YAY speedwork!

4. BodyGlide: Let’s just say that my thighs were feeling a little rough after my 10k stint last weekend. I’m used to running in  cooler weather and my things being covered. I’ve deemed bodyglide as my new BFF.

not ashamed.

5. My Teacher Assistants: I have 2 of the best teacher assistants around who I get to work with on a daily basis. They keep me sane, make me laugh, and help make the send-you-to-the-loony-bin days a little less, well, loony. They are Yep.


So those are my Five Friday Favorites for the week. I hope you don’t mind my chafing-thigh references. And you wonder why I’m still single, Mom.

What are some of your Friday Favorites? Are you as obsessed with wasabi {or food in general} as I am? Does your job ever threaten to send you to the loony bin? No? That’s just me? Ok then.

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2 responses to “Friday Favorites

  1. I love nuun. I’ve tried so many other electrolyte drink things and thought they were disgusting. Nuun, however, is divine.

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